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McKindlay’s Riverine Nursery

Native Plants Nursery

Introducing our wide range of locally grown Australian Native Plants, Trees and Shrubs

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A family owned native nursery

McKindlay’s Riverine Nursery is a family owned native nursery located on the banks of the Murray River, 13km from Moama, NSW. We specialise in a range of native plants, indigenous ground covers, climbers, shrubs and trees grown in hiko trays, air pruned from seed collected and purchased locally.

As specialists in indigenous flora, we cultivate a diverse selection of native species, tailored to thrive in our unique riverine ecosystem. With a commitment to biodiversity, sustainability, and environmental stewardship, McKindlays is your trusted source for fostering the natural beauty of our region.

Explore our nursery and discover a vibrant array of indigenous plants that celebrate the richness of our local landscape.

Come and see us about landscaping your property, business, garden or restoring road sides, public areas and revegetation. 

We offer affordable and quality native plants, equipment for hire to help plant successfully, stakes and cartons to protect your plants and advice.
Opening hours By appointment - Please phone Felicity 0408 641 222
Our Range
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